Kauai Destination Wedding Planning

All of the countless budgeting, time scheduling, and human elements involved in planning a wedding have many people wondering how they will manage and pay for even half of everything they will need for their wedding and looking for other options. After weighing all the alternatives and realizing that destination weddings save them money and stress, many decide that is the way they want to go.

Tropical weddings are among the most popular themes for a destination wedding, and with beautiful weather and scenery, it is not hard to understand why.

Kauai Hawaii - The Garden Isle

With over 35 different settings, there is a reason that Kauai is on the Top Ten Wedding Destinations list. Any of these locations would make any ceremony the wedding of the century.

Couples can choose to be married barefoot in the sand standing before the blue waters of the Pacific ocean, at natural waterfalls in secluded locations, walking down a romantic fern bordered aisle to a serenade of classical music, among the various exotic flowers in private gardens, or in a Hawaiian Chapel? These are just a few of the Kauai options available!

Why Use a Wedding Planner?

There are quite a few reasons that a wedding planner is a good idea when planning a wedding in an exotic location like Kauai, especially if no one will be able to come ahead of the bridal party to fine tune the last touches.

As was already mentioned, planning a wedding takes a significant amount of time and effort to coordinate. A destination wedding in Kauai takes less of both. However, it still involves work, and a wedding planner is like a personal assistant that can do everything and keep the experience stress free.

Additionally, wedding planners have more knowledge and experience in Kauai and surrounding areas. They know where the best places are to buy flowers, find photographers, and rent the innumerable little things that will be needed. They also know what order it is best to do things in, permitting them to avoid any backtracking or other mishaps.

In addition to paying for all the other expenses involved in a Kauai destination wedding, hiring a wedding planner may seem like an unnecessary cost, especially if the budget is tight. The reality is that in the long run the money saved by them outweighs any reasonable fee they charge. They also work in a budget, so there is no need to worry about spending more than the allotted amount on everything. This way there is no overspending.

Package Deals

Another way to insure a seamless destination wedding and honeymoon in Kauai, is to choose the perfect beach wedding package. Alohana weddings has  assorted packages cover a wide range of needs and preferences, as well as some general basics.

One of the most romantic wedding scenes for many would be exchanging their vows on the beach at sunset. You might be interested in the Cattleya wedding package with details including a "Conch Shell Blower", professionally edited video, and a live musician.

Or maybe the simple elegance of the Plumeria wedding package would be perfect for you.

Wanting to customize your wedding a little more? You can mix and match all the details on our Custom Wedding Package page to create the wedding that is uniquely you!

Most of these packages have a few of the following basic features. make arrangements for photography, a licensed official to conduct the marriage ceremony, floral leis for the bride and groom, a keepsake wedding certificate, a coordinator to plan the details and be there the day of the wedding to make sure everything goes perfectly.

An exotic destination, wedding planner, and package deal - a short list of everything needed for a perfect wedding.


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